The FIFA World Cup is a chance for each country to show the world who is the best. Each team has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some teams are stronger than others in certain areas. One team might have the top goal scorers whereas another team might have better defensive players. It is the responsibility of the coach and their staff to determine what is the best combination of players that should make up each country’s team. This responsibility means the coaches need to research and know the players in order to make accurate and knowledgeable decisions. The coach’s end goal is to select the team that will best represent the country and will perform the way they want them to.

This concept relates directly to your personal life insurance. You need the right products that best suit you and will give you the results you want.

There is a wide range of insurance providers in the market who have numerous products within each of their ranges. All providers have different views of the various occupation types such as manual, administration, professional etc. It is the responsibility of your insurance adviser to know each of the available options and recommend the most appropriate product for your circumstances. For this reason it pays to see an adviser who is not limited in the products they can recommend. For example, if you visit one of the big four banks you will only be recommended their bank’s product. This is like the coach of Brazil being restricted to one town to recruit their team from.
An example of how some providers look at occupations differently is with Mining Truck Drivers. Most providers will restrict the period in which they will pay income protection benefits to 5 years. However, there are other providers which are happy to take the benefit period right out to the age of 65.

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