SMSF Compliance

Jasper Financial and it’s sister company, Jasper Advantage are your sole contact point for all aspects of the management of your SMSF.

No need to deal with multiple people such as an accountant, auditor and lawyer.

A simple, efficient and digital SMSF compliance solution.

For a SMSF to comply with its reporting obligations and record keeping, it involves a degree of time and effort by not only you as Trustee but your trusted financial service professionals including Jasper Financial and a nominated administrative services provider. An SMSF administration service is an organisation that undertakes the administrative, reporting, accounting and compliance duties of the trustees of a fund in exchange for administrative fees. They simplify the running of the fund but still ensure you as Trustee are ultimately responsible for all decisions and actions.

Jasper Advantage will facilitate the engagement between your SMSF and the SMSF administration service provider who will in turn act as the accountants and Tax Agent for your SMSF.


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