If you look into some of the more widely accepted characteristics of a happy person, as I did, you will find that they are said to be optimistic, have control of their lives, have found a certain balance in what they do each day and… have a Self Managed Superannuation Fund.

Recent research by RaboDirect has found that those with a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) were happier and in better health than their non-SMSF counterparts. This comes as no surprise to us when you consider the benefits of utilising a SMSF as your vehicle into and during retirement.

SMSFs give you complete control and flexibility when it comes to investing within superannuation. They allow you to access all of the traditional investments including shares, managed funds and cash products right through to holding direct property. The property can be residential or commercial. You can even own your business premises so the rent your business pays goes straight into your superannuation. That certainly makes me smile!

This flexibility can give SMSF investors a feeling of accomplishment and ownership which we think also contributes to the sense of happiness or satisfaction.

To ensure your superannuation is making you happy, call Jasper Financial to discuss whether a Self Managed Super Fund is right for you.