Breast Cancer: How Medicare and Health Cover Fall Short

A common misconception among new clients is that Medicare and Private Health Cover are a sufficient means of providing financial support in the event of a critical illness. Truth is, they’re not! The costs born by the diagnosis, treatment and recovery of a critical...

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What Is Your Human Life Value?

When I’m discussing life insurance with clients I like to ask them how much money they think they will need to carry on living the way they currently are if either a primary income earner or primary caregiver was to pass away or be unable to ever work again. The...

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Types of Insurance and Worst Case Scenarios

No one wakes up in the morning thinking about ‘what would be the worst thing that could happen today’. However, it happens to everyday people, everyday. Many of my clients refer to themselves as visual people. They find it far easier to imagine or picture something if...

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What Does Your Life Insurance Team Look Like

The FIFA World Cup is a chance for each country to show the world who is the best. Each team has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some teams are stronger than others in certain areas. One team might have the top goal scorers whereas another team might have better...

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Self Managed Super Funds Are Making People Happier

If you look into some of the more widely accepted characteristics of a happy person, as I did, you will find that they are said to be optimistic, have control of their lives, have found a certain balance in what they do each day and... have a Self Managed...

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